PNR Status

If you have booked a train ticket then for reservation confirmation you need to check PNR status. We, the route map provider, allow you use our search engine, in which entering upon your PNR (Passenger Number Record) will result in the current status of your PNR. It's simple and easy to carry out. PNR is an abbreviation commonly used in travel industry. When you make a rail reservation, the railways allots you a ticket, either e-ticket or a paper ticket issued by the railway clerk. In that ticket, there is a 10-digit number printed on the top left corner of a train ticket. This is Passenger Number Record (PNR). This is a unique individual number mentioned ticket each. Be the ticket having an individual or a group travelling together. The PNR number remains the same for a single ticket. The record is stored in the central database. If you are planning a road trip check road route map for your convenience. This happens to be important for passengers to check PNR Status for comfortable train travel. Upon entering Passenger Number Record in the text box, you get details of your seat, date of journey, name of boarding and destination. It's become an important common practice these days that check current status of PNR before setting off for railway station. Passengers get information about the up to date PNR status. Just pick the mode of your choice you like. Visit our user-friendly website for PNR status, though PNR status enquiry number is 139 or send 10-digit PNR number and SMS at 54959, 57886 and 5676747.

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